sustainable garments made in portugal

What's in our clothes?

One of our most asked questions is what materials we use to make our products. We think that's a fair question to ask, and you can rest assured knowing that we've done our research, finding only the best raw and organic materials.


How we color the world responsibly

Colors are important to us, but so is our planet. That's why we've developed 41 beautiful environmentally friendly shades. Because getting the vibrant shades you love should not have to compromise the environment. 


Limiting waste and raising standards

We hold ourselves to a high standard of sustainability and constantly identify ways to regenerate materials in the manufacturing and shipping process. That includes the packaging and tags we use to wrap our items.


Honest, local, and fair

We believe in always doing the right thing and finding the best ways to produce the products we love. From local suppliers to fair wages and production processes, everything is the highest possible quality without compromising ethics.


Clothing made for the long-haul

Our brand centers around the fact that we don't care much for seasons or trends, instead, we create timeless and long-lasting products to avoid the downward spiral that is over-consumption.


No materials left behind!

We are aware that no clothing brand can be 100% sustainable, but we do absolutely everything in our power to make use of the materials from each and every product we produce.