Let's press pause

No last-minute pressure. No impulse buying. No overconsumption.

Let's say no to overconsumption

At Colorful Standard, we believe in a future where overconsumption is replaced by a more responsible way of buying. There is no "one-day-only" or "get it before it's gone!" We carry the same high-quality items for the same price year-round.

This way, you can pause, take a breather, and ask yourself, "Do I really need all that?" before making your purchase. 

No last-minute pressure. No impulse buying. No overconsumption.

Let's buy less and buy better

Consumerism is at an all-time high, and the fashion industry is largely to blame. With the rise of weekly trend turnover models and the frenzy surrounding seasonal sales, it's no wonder we succumb to the pressures of impulse buying.

But more than enough studies show that our planet cannot sustain this buying pattern much longer. Let’s pause, look at the facts, question the status quo, and avoid the pressures of overconsumption. Let’s buy less and buy better.

Let's make a change!

Here’s what people from our community have to say about overconsumption.

"If I can influence people to take overconsumption seriously, I will. It's a huge issue in how we shop. Buying fewer but better products will decrease the materials used in global production."

Bamba, 28, Real estate agent & muay thai fighter

"I want to be part of this eye-opening campaign because fast fashion is getting worse, and more brands need to pay attention. We should all prioritize quality over quantity."

Chris, 18, Student & model

"I want to be part of the movement that stops normalizing overconsumption to create a better tomorrow for my son. We don't need more than what is enough."

Jemima, 25, Mother

"I want to help remind people that we already have enough. In my own life, I buy from second-hand stores, and as a kid, I got hand-me-downs from my family. If I can do it, you can too."

Ivan, 26, Musician

"The fashion industry is a main contributor to climate change. If I can help inspire even one over-consuming fashionista to shop more mindfully, it's progress for the planet."

Naomi, 32, Student

"Sales are bad news for the environment. I want to help show that events like Black Friday encourage us to buy things we don't need."

Sophia, 25, Sales associate, fitness instructor

Together, let's change the standards.