Transparency and fairness in every stitch

From start to finish, our products are fair, organic, and uncomplicated, and so is our production process. We are happy to share the journey from product to customer. After all, we have nothing to hide and are proud of our process.

Starting with raw, organic, and trustworthy materials

As a responsible clothing brand, it is up to us to choose the best materials possible, both for our customers and our ecosystem. We've searched high and low for these materials and are happy to make all of our products from 100% organic cotton and 100% recycled merino wool.

Proudly produced in Portugal

Once these materials are ready to be put to use, they are sent to our own manufacturing center in Portugal for production. Our manufacturing center, RTG textiles, was created by Colorful Standard’s founder, with fairness and transparency as the key goals. We decided to skip out on partnering with factories, in order to ensure ethics in the supply chain.

We chose Portugal, since the country has a long history of high-quality textile production. As a European based company, it is also important for us to keep production within the EU, which abides us to European laws, and gives our European customers an opportunity to visit our facilities and overlook the production process.

Don’t be shy, give us a visit!

Colorful Standard
Rua do Comércio nº116, Manhente 4750-561
Barcelos, Portugal

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Our Colorful Standard family

We don't believe in disposable products, and the same goes for our employees. Since the start, it has been a goal to assemble a team of incredible people, that we grow to know as family. With close relationships, we can ensure the proper treatment of our employees and focus on reliable and high-quality products, made with high ethical and moral standards.

We work in accordance with the European Labor Law, which focuses on fair employment conditions. But, our efforts to create a fun, comfortable, and safe working environment go beyond that.

Our facilities are equipped with:

  • Frequently updated machinery in an effort to ease the labor of our employees. 
  • Break areas to relax, with couches, TVs, and refreshments. 
  • Shared cars, for those employees that are unable to commute with public transport.
  • A recreational football team, for some employee fun!


We work to minimize waste as much as possible and take many proactive measures to do this, such as garment dyeing, precise laser cutting, and recycling materials.

Garment dyed

With so many brilliant colors to offer, the dyeing process is very important for us, and is not an area in which we were willing to compromise sustainability. Our products are garment dyed, meaning that they are first produced, and then dyed according to demand only. This way, we can produce large quantities of products, without wasting large quantities of dye. Since we never have extensive unused fabric in stock, we significantly lower dye waste using this method.

The dye we use is 100% environmentally friendly and Oeke-Tex certified. Getting the vibrant colors you love should not have to compromise the sake of our planet, and with our environmentally friendly dye, and zero waste dying process, we are able to color the world responsibly.

Laser cutting

With precise laser cutting we are able to cut fabric waste down to a minimum. With its impeccable accuracy and proper cuts, laser cutters are able to utilize a higher percentage of the materials than other cutting methods. This means less raw materials wasted. Laser cutting also uses significantly less energy than some other cutting tools and presses.


Even with precise cutting, there are of course still strips left behind. Fortunately, we have found a way to make use of these leftover materials by recycling them into the form of furniture fillings.

What about the materials needed to ship our products? Of course, we have found a way to make our packaging as waste-free as possible through the power of recycling. Our labels and packaging are all made from recycled plastics, papers, and polyesters. We also hold an FSC certification for all of our hangtags, ensuring that all forest materials have been acquired from approved sources and not at the expense of any forest, person, or animal.

Higher quality, longer life

Long before our styles reach our customers, they are pre-washed to ensure minimal shrinkage and loss of color. This way, our products stay in perfect shape for as long as possible, and can be used over, again and again, for years to come.