9 Rue Madame

Bonjour again Paris!

Rue Madame has long been celebrated as a hub of art, culture, and fashion. Steeped in rich history and an atmosphere that exudes Parisian flair, it makes for the perfect location for our third flagship store in the City of Lights.

Get ready to say "au revoir" to your old shopping spots because something très chic is on its way.

Colorful Standard Flagship Store  
9 Rue Madame
75006 Paris, France

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+33 1 43 35 05 99

Opening hours

Monday 10.30 to 19.30

Tuesday 10.30 to 19.30

Wednesday 10.30 to 19.30

Thursday 10.30 to 19.30

Friday 10.30 to 19.30

Saturday 10.30 to 19.30

Sunday 14.00 to 19.00