Proudly produced in Portugal

All of our products are produced at our own manufacturing center in Portugal. By keeping our production in Europe, we adhere to the high standards set by the EU and have unique control over the manufacturing process. Our doors are always open, and we invite you to come and take a look. Click below to learn more about our manufacturing center.

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Not just employees, but family

From day one, it has been our goal at Colorful Standard to assemble a group of talented employees that we get to know as family. We do not view our employees as disposable and treat them as humans should be treated. We work under the European Labour Law, which ensures that all employees at our manufacturing center work fair hours for fair wages.

Keeping it local

We work with local suppliers to ensure the highest possible level of quality. The concept is to let specialists do what they do best. By outsourcing certain processes to subcontractors, we get the best result no matter what the style requires.

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