Garment dyed

The majority of fashion retailers cut their patterns out of large rolls of pre-dyed fabric in a process called piece-dying. This method often saves money, but takes up an incredible amount of water, energy, and dye, while usually leaving behind loads of unused fabric. That’s not really our thing. 

Garment dyeing reverses this technique by carefully stitching products together first, and then washing them in dye. This practice allows us to consume water and dye according to demand, as well as use the exact amounts of resources we truly need.

One of the added perks of garment dying is that the clothes have been pre-washed before making their way to you, meaning no shrinkage surprises!

Precise laser cutting

Thanks to precise laser cutting, we can cut fabric waste down to a bare minimum. With its impeccable accuracy, a higher percentage of material gets used up compared to other cutting methods. Not to mention it uses significantly less energy than more traditional cutting tools. That’s a win-win in our book.

Recycled fabric

Even with precise cutting, small strips of fabric can still get left behind. Instead of tossing these scraps out, we’ve found use for them as furniture filling. That next couch of yours might just have a little bit of color on the inside.