Want to join us in raising the standard? Use your voice! 

If you’re familiar with Colorful Standard, then you’re surely aware of our purpose to color the world responsibly. If you are interested in being a part of that purpose, you’re in the right place.


We are searching for SoMe content creators, big or small, to join us in changing the standards of the fashion industry. We recognize the power that each of you have through just one post, and know that together, we can be an unstoppable force!  

Join our #ColorfulCommunity

If you are a SoMe content creator with a passion for sustainability, environmentally friendly products, and ethics, specifically within the fashion industry, then we are looking for you. 


What’s in it for you?

-       Free Colorful Standard products of your choice.

-       Insight into future product releases.

-       A 10% discount code for your followers.

-       Earned commission on any generated sales.

-       Features on our Social Media channels.

-       Invitations to future Colorful Standard events. 

-       Being part of a larger community that is making a positive difference!



-       At least 5k followers on Instagram

-       Promote a conscious and sustainable lifestyle in a way that is authentic to your personal brand identity.

-       Someone who loves/ isn’t afraid of colors!

Apply now!

Do you tick all the right boxes? Or more importantly, do we tick yours? Then what are you waiting for? Apply to be a part of our Colorful Community by filling in your social media handles below!



Don’t hesitate to contact us at: hello@colorfulstandard.com